20's Plenty for Northway


Facts & Briefings

The Northway and Saxon Park campaign for a default 20mph speed limit is supported by Cllr Vernon Smith.


Traffic increases year on year in the Northway and Saxon Park areas of Tewkesbury.  It is getting particularly busy on the ‘cut-through’ routes of Northway Lane, The Park, Grange Road and Hardwick Bank Road during rush hour.  With proposals on the cards for a new Sainsbury's, a huge retail park and 2000 houses on the Ashchurch MOD base traffic levels are set to increase yet further.


Research shows that reducing traffic speeds to 20mph is the single most effective way of making our roads safer for children, the elderly, those with disabilities, pedestrians and cyclists. A government study found that child casualties fell by 67% where 20mph limits were introduced.


Research also shows that reduced speeds on residential roads bring other benefits such as improved air quality, reduced noise levels and improved health.


With education, consultation, social pressure and light touch enforcement authorities such as Portsmouth, Oxford and Bristol have implemented popular 20mph limits in residential roads.


We can do it too!


Fact sheets and briefing are available on a wide range of topics connected with 20mph limits on our national site at www.20splentyforus.org.uk/briefings.htm